Classic Chinese Chef Knife™, boxed

Arguably, a good knife is the essence of Chinese cooking.  Our line of knives begins with two outstanding offerings: the Santoku Knife and the Classic Chinese Chef Knife™.  Take your pick and take good care of these essential tools.

Our Classic Chinese Chef Knife is designed slightly smaller and leaner than the traditional Chinese cleaver.  The result?  A lighter, more agile knife that performs all the same basic functions without the weight and bulky size.  Beautifully weighted and balanced, our knife reduces fatigue.  And the seamless stainless steel handle washes completely clean and will not absorb any oil, moisture, or juices from meat and seafood.  Made from the highest-quality German-standard stainless steel, our Classic Chinese Chef Knife meets the demands of the Asian kitchen with ease and effortless precision.

USE & CARE – As with any fine cutlery, we do not recommend washing in the dishwasher.  Heat and harsh detergents may pit or discolor the steel over time.  Wash the knife by hand in hot soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.  Store in a knife block or on a magnetic rack.  If storing in a drawer, use a blade guard for safety and to prevent damaging or dulling the blade.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects in workmanship.